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Project 100


For anyone needing to mix up their training routine due to boredom, frustration or coming back after a break, I have created a new daily project for you.

Change is good. Challenging yourself is great. And feeling like you are improving is a wonderful daily goal. So in order to do all this, here is an idea that you can make your own.

Everyday, make 100 actions towards making a better you. 

What can these actions be? Anything and everything physically active but outside the boundaries of your normal training. So if you are a runner, then you can choose 100 push ups. If you normally do weight training then do 100 second holds of yoga poses. An archer could do 100 jumping jacks. Or if you are just coming back from injury or a brief pause then do a combo of 20 push ups, 20 second plank, 20 jumping jacks, 20 minutes walking and then 20 deep breaths.

  • If you think ‘breathing’ is too easy then count out right now 10 deep belly breaths (5 seconds inhale, 5 seconds hold, 5 seconds exhale)… then come back and read the rest of this post.
    • In 10 Minute Toughness by Dr. Jason SELK, he suggests breathing a bit differently but still totalling 15 seconds: “The formula is 6-2-7: breathe in for six seconds, hold for two, and breathe out for seven seconds. Individuals under the age of twelve should try to have the centering breath last eleven seconds (4-2-5).”

The mental challenge of having completed 100 of anything is beneficial too. Divide your Project 100 throughout the day or attack it first thing in the morning. You could even count making your bed as number 1. Just create a combination that makes sense to you by doing something completely opposite to the skill set of your chosen sport. Tomorrow you can do a different combination too but you will probably still need to make your bed.

The combination is up to you as long as you get to 100 (or more).

  • Nutrition (count grams/ servings) – fibre, raw food, non-sugar drinks, number of different kinds of foods, sunshine (true vitamin D)
  • Mental (minutes/ repetitions) – mediation, deep breathing, learning about what matters to you, puzzle solving, count everything in another language
  • Emotional (minutes/ number) – hugs, cuddles, laughs, journaling, physical face time with friends

Seconds, minutes and/or repetitions can be split up into which ever way you feel challenges your status quo. Try a new movement. Or see how long you can hold a position or even your own mind in one place while deep breathing. Be unique in what you ask your body to do for you but always remember that…

Everything chosen matters. Because everything you do adds up over time. Even taking a single deep breath. And even making your own bed.

Use the CONTACT for any ideas you wish to share. I will add them in as they come. Thanks for all the ones so far 😉