Each month, 100% of donations to QUINN’s FUND will be used for travel expenses to coach athletes who have requested assistance.

It is sad to admit but we all know that the internet can travel faster than our suitcases. I travel to my clients’ countries to give one on one coaching. I do meet ups while at competitions and even within international airports during way too many layovers. This face to face interaction is wonderful. But there are many readers here whom I will never meet but they still feel ‘coached’ by me. Their gratitude is amazing.

QUINN’s FUND is created from all the donations made by readers who have enjoyed using PROOF, reading posts which resonated with their journey or have benefited in some way from this site.

If you wish to help organize a coaching trip or to benefit from the QUINN’s Fund, then please use the contact form.

Donations via PayPal.Me/KeleaQuinn