PRIVATE Sessions & ELITE Archery Training

Athletes can participate in ELITE and PRIVATE sessions aimed at improving technical skills, equipment confidence, mental performance and ideal recovery. Coach Kelea will conduct each session using a blend of coaching experience, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and a good dose of fun.

*** COVID rules apply

PRIVATE Sessions are available on demand

  • Please log on to the Platform and message KQ directly.
  • Athletes from all sports are welcome to PRIVATE sessions of Peak Performance Coaching
  • Various locations are possible including international competitions, training fields…
  • Travel to other countries is possible through arrangement


The ELITE Schedule:

  • REYKJAVIK: Saturday 1530-1900 and Sunday at 1000-1600 (each week)

    • sessions are held at IFR in downtown Reykjavik
      • indoor gymnasium for up to 30 meters
      • outdoor semi covered 50m (weather permitting)
      • 5 meter specialized technique area everyday
  • Iceland special training weekends: AKUREYRI, ISAFJORDUR, LAUGAR and ESKIFJORDUR

Required Every Session:

  • Bring your PROOF or a notebook and a pen/pencil
  • Bring a drink or snack
  • Proper shoes –> there will be physical training so be prepared
  • Main language is English but we will all do our best to understand everyone

Required for ELITE Membership:

  • Archer participation is approved by Coach Kelea
  • Ages 16 and over for bows of more than 7kgs as required by Icelandic Weapons Law 16/1998 art 31
  • Archer is dedicated to improving  performance and becoming awesome (competitions are not necessary)
  • Both archer and coach agree to work hard together with respect and kindness always
  • Beginners welcome but basic safety rules must be known and obeyed
  • Recurve, Compound, Barebow, Longbow can all be used


Fees payable to:

  • QUINN PEAKS, ehf  –> Kennitala: 571213-0280
    • REYKJAVIK 10,000 ISK / 75 EUR monthly
    • Special Training Weekends/ PRIVATE Sessions 5,000 ISK / 40 EUR
      • OPTION –> Icelandic Bank Account:  Arion 0331-26-571213
      • OPTION –> Paypal:
      • Please include Athlete’s Name on transfer
  • Invoices are emailed once membership is confirmed. Each new month’s invoice will be emailed during the first week of the month unless COVID blocks training. If payment is already received then invoice will be marked as paid. Invoices can then be used for reimbursements from your Union or local government regarding activities funding grants.