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Isafjordur Archery Workshop –> Nov2018

Archery is taking over Isafjordur November 8th-10th.

Starting at the Shooting Hall at Torfnes, we will have a general meeting Thursday at 17h for some planning and to answer any questions.

The Icelandic Archery Committee and Skotíþróttafélag Ísafjarðarbæjar (link) are sponsoring the Open Group Sessions. Space is limited so please come to the Thursday meeting to book your places in the Open GROUP sessions. *** For the CRASH sessions, please use the links below to register.

Thursday 8th

Friday 9th 

Saturday 10th

Sunday 11th is reserved for Private Sessions focused on Mental Coaching. You can request private sessions via the CONTACT form. Please indicate your sport, preferred time and length of session (30 minutes 2500kr or 1 hour 5000kr). Payment details and receipts will be sent as requested. Be aware that the archery range does not have heat so the Private Sessions may be moved to a cafe serving waffles and hot coffee!

See you soon.