Challenge January 2021

KQ –> Here are the final results from the January 2021 Challenge

*** 42 entries from 10 countries

(click here for rules)

30 arrows on a 40 cm target at 18m –> pretend you are at Nimes 🙂

PRIZE:  One lucky person, chosen at random, will win a signed copy of “Choose to be a Winner” and “Training Journal” by Jens Fudge –> Paralympic Gold Medalist. The book is offered in English or Danish. Details can be found here. A very big thank you to Jens for offering these prizes each and every month of 2021!

*** WINNER is Romeo Liaci – Lecce, ITALY… please contact Jens for your prize.


  • 273 Chris Accardo – USA
  • 268 Michael Wölck – DENMARK
  • 268 Heine A Jørgensen – DENMARK
  • 265 Maria Dahlén – Uppsala – SWEDEN
  • 259 Peter Lundsgaard – DENMARK
  • 254 Romeo Liaci – Lecce, ITALY *** Winner of Jens book 🙂
  • 252 Martin Johansen – DENMARK
  • 221 Ólafur Ingi Brandsson – ICELAND
  • 216 Amelia Chumber – UK
  • 212 Teresa Pettit – Benson, Minnesota USA
  • 209 Kelea Quinn – Reykjavik, ICELAND
  • 150 Sophia – BERMUDA
  • 149 Katrín Frigg Alfreðsdóttir – Reykjavík, ICELAND


  • 286 Alfreð Birgisson – Akureyri, ICELAND
  • 281 Thomas Calvert – NORWAY
  • 279 Anna Maria Alfreðsdottir – Akureyri, ICELAND
  • 273 Sveinbjörg Rósa Sumarliðadóttir – Reykjavik, ICELAND
  • 270 Gunnar Þór Jónsson – Stori Nupur, ICELAND
  • 256 Erla Mary Sigurpalsdottir – Reykjavik, ICELAND
  • 255 Daði Hrafn Sigurðsson – Reykjavik, ICELAND


  • 272 Kenneth Andersen – DENMARK
  • 268 Mark Slade – Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  • 193 Erling Krog – DENMARK
  • 191 Arny Freyr – Reykjavik, ICELAND
  • 158 Tomas Waage – Reykjavik, ICELAND
  • 150 Katrín Frigg Alfreðsdóttir – Reykjavík, ICELAND


  • 284 Stig Andersen – DENMARK
  • 273 Jana Cimická – CZECH REPUBLIC
  • 268 Bernard Wade III – BERMUDA
  • 262 Tobias Busk Østrup – DENMARK
  • 262 Robert O’Connor – BERMUDA
  • 261 William Pickering – BERMUDA
  • 257 Inger Andersen – DENMARK
  • 255 Kelea Quinn – Reykjavik, ICELAND
  • 255 Camerin Pickering – BERMUDA
  • 252 Trina Roberts – BERMUDA
  • 236 Ernest Macallan- BERMUDA
  • 232 Rakel Arnþórsdóttir – Akureyri, ICELAND
  • 229 Ninna Quaade – DENMARK
  • 219 Viktor Orri Ingason – Akureyri, ICELAND
  • 212 Robin Selley – BERMUDA
  • 210 Tony Grant – BERMUDA
  • 186 Solver Hafsteinn Solversson – Reykjavik, ICELAND


If you want to be included in this friendly challenge, please comment below with your: BOW TYPE(S) Score(s) Full Name – Location, COUNTRY … let’s see where the archers are most active 💘

Last date to comment with your score(s) is February 1st, 2021.

And if you have a special request, suggestion or issue with anything, please send me a message using the CONTACT form. Thank you to everyone for all the ideas already!


62 thoughts on “Challenge January 2021

  1. Anyone looking at the scores already can see some amazing results 🙂 Just know that whatever you do is amazing too. All levels are welcome here. Please join and be a part of this to show support for all archers doing whatever they can during these crazy times.

    And for anyone not able to do 18m right now… there will be another event added in February. Please add a comment to say what distance you can do so I can try to include everyone. I just wanted to get January started and see how the Challenge develops.

    Thank you to everyone for their kind messages of support.

    PS. The map is an image from WordPress showing the hits on the page…the darker pinks means more hits 😉

  2. Great idea! My barebow-result from my homerange: 259, shot in bright sunshine and -4 centigrades

  3. Recurve (instinctive), 252, Martin Johansen – Denmark
    Not really sure if I should register it under Barebow or Recurve.

    1. Hi. I am going to include you under barebow… but you are always able to shoot instinctive in the recurve category too. Let me know if you wish to change.

      1. Did I or Did I not……………………………. LOCK MY CAR….. muahhhaaahhhhaaa

      1. Hi Kelea
        It helped that Jens Fudge shared the link at one/many of the Danish archery groups.
        Stig Andersen and I are pretty lucky to have our own, not isolated, indoor range. So, between 3 and 6 degrees Celcius. Inger Andersen is Stig’s mother, so she comes here to train. And Heine has a bale here as well.
        So yes, Denmark is a bit active this weekend. February though will definitely be better. 😊

      2. Hi Ninna. I am still very impressed with everyone everywhere! The scores are amazing and I was delighted to see a few people do the challenge who had not done competitions previously. 30 arrows seems doable so I am very happy that some new archers decided to challenge themselves with this. Greetings to all and hope to see everyone in the February results.


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