CANCELLED Archery Training Camp –> April 1-5th, 2021 @ IFR

Sorry but COVID has caused me to cancel this training camp. I will try to organize something else when it is safe to do so. Take care everyone one.

5 days and 50 hours of archery!!

Beginning Thursday, April 1st, 2021, there will be a training camp for archers at Íþróttahús ÍFR (Hátúni 14, 105 Reykjavík, ICELAND)

Archers must be at least 16 years old to participate in this training camp.

    • 9-19h each day –> Thursday to Monday
    • Indoor range (18m & 25m) clean shoes required!
    • Outdoor range (30m & 50m) will be closed if wind exceeds 8 m/s
    • All distances are wheelchair accessible
    • Every participant will have access to one hour of private coaching using a sign-up sheet …first come first serve
    • Triple Chocolate Bunny Competition using Challenge Rules
      • 30 arrows at 18m indoor
      • 30 arrows at 25m indoor
      • 30 arrows at 50m outdoor
    • Archers are allowed to shoot as much as they wish over the five days
    • Archers MUST have their own bows and arrows
    • 10,000 ISK for all 5 days

COVID rules will be in effect… which means no spectators! If you have any symptoms, please do not enter the building. For those traveling from outside Iceland, you are required to complete the quarantine period and have a negative test result. The showers and change rooms will be closed.


Archers will be allowed to switch between distances depending on how many other archers are active in that zone. Surfaces (chairs, doors, toilets) will be sanitized multiple times each day. Masks must be used when not on the shooting line.

Only registered archers will be allowed in the building during the entire training weekend.

Please complete the form below.