Challenge June 2021

KQ –> Here are the latest results from the June 2021 Challenge (click here for rules)

  • 30 arrows inside or
  • 36 arrows outside
  • May 2021 results can be found HERE

PRIZE:  One lucky person, chosen at random, will win a signed copy of “Choose to be a Winner” and “Training Journal” by Jens Fudge –> Paralympic Gold Medalist. The book is offered in English or Danish. Details can be found here. A very big thank you to Jens for offering these prizes each and every month of 2021!
*** Congratulations to Amanda Rose who is the winner this month of Jens’s Book


*** 30m (36 arrows, 80cm target)

  • 317 Robert Cook – Staffordshire UK
  • 185 Amanda Rose – Cheshire UK
  • *** Winner of Jens Book


*** 30m (36 arrows, 60cm target)

  • 141 Jan Tórur Joensen – Faroe Islands

*** 50m (36 arrows, 80cm target)

  • 354 Jóannes Poulsen – Faroe Islands
  • 299 Magnus Joensen – Faroe Islands

*** 70m (36 arrows, 80cm target)

  • 334 Stig Andersen – Denmark



*** 30m (36 arrows, 80cm target)

  • 215 Rebekka Lindudóttir Olsen – Faroe Islands

*** 50m (36 arrows, 122cm target)

  • 283 Barður Magnusson – Faroe Islands
  • 229 Sigfriður Lutzen – Faroe Islands
  • 212 Baldur Arting – Faroe Islands

*** 60m (36 arrows, 122cm target)

  • 295 Inger Andersen – Denmark

*** 70m (36 arrows, 122cm target)

  • 262 Inger Andersen – Denmark


If you want to be included in this friendly challenge, please comment below with your: BOW TYPE(S) Score(s) Name – Location, COUNTRY

Last date to comment with your score(s) is July 1st, 2021.

7 thoughts on “Challenge June 2021

  1. June scoring is now open. Please see the rules for the challenge and remember to post your results by July 1st. Everyone at every level is welcome to join in. Big congratulations to everyone doing Personal Bests during this Challenge too. It is awesome to see you doing so well around the world. I am very honoured to give you this platform to share your great news. *** For those stuck in a situation where 18m is not possible, please decide your own distance and target face and I will make categories as required. For example, 5 meters on 20cm target, 70m on 122cm. Do what you can with what you have

  2. Stig Andersen – Denmark – Compound 70m (36 arrows, 80cm target) – 334points

    Just having fun with my WA 3D setup


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