Challenge October 2021

KQ –> Here are the latest results from the October 2021 Challenge (click here for rules)

  • 30 arrows inside or
  • 36 arrows outside
  • September 2021 results can be found HERE

PRIZE:  One lucky person, chosen at random, will win a signed copy of “Choose to be a Winner” and “Training Journal” by Jens Fudge –> Paralympic Gold Medalist. The book is offered in English or Danish. Details can be found here. A very big thank you to Jens for offering these prizes each and every month of 2021!


*** 18m (30 arrows, 40cm target)

  • 246 Ann Lisa Pederson – Faroe Islands


*** 18m (30 arrows, 40cm target… tri-spot, Vegas)



*** 18m (30 arrows, 40cm target)



*** 18m (30 arrows, 40cm target)

  • 270 Kelea Quinn – Faroe Islands

If you want to be included in this friendly challenge, please comment below with your: BOW TYPE(S) – Distance – Target Size – Score(s) Name – Location, COUNTRY

Last date to comment with your score(s) is October 31st, 2021.