Here’s a technique I created to improve my concentration in archery…and it has worked with tennis players and golfers too. There seems to be three to five specific mechanical movements I need to really emphasize during my shot sequence. MyContinue Reading

First competitions are coming up for the new archers. While I have been competing for decades and absolutely love the buzz …some newbies and some veterans alike are not so inclined. One specific feeling word that pops up is anxiety.Continue Reading

Goal setting sucks. There are all these SMART rules (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Timed) and endless worksheets and experts trying to get you excited about finishing something far off in the future. BUT I want to be excited today andContinue Reading

Berlin – December 2011. Women’s scratch. Round of 16. Shoot-off. Me against Maja Jaeger (Denmark). We were tied at 5-5 so it came down to one arrow to see who would progress to next round. I was super cool becauseContinue Reading

Think of your To Do List and how much stuff is leftover from yesterday? As you continue to slide down that slippery slope of procrastination… take item #1:Continue Reading

Everything you have ever seen, heard, read, watched, played or clicked is stored in your memory. It is who you are right now. If you want to be a better performer tomorrow, then you must start making better choices today.Continue Reading