Competitions, relationships, goals… what happens when it doesn’t go as planned? During the moment, the surge of uncomfortable emotion intensifies every single feeling possible but then something else happens.Continue Reading

Iceland is open today. Schools, offices, sports, shops… some rules still apply and we must wait a little longer for the swimming pools. You now get to decide how you move forward in your life. Take what you have learnedContinue Reading

When somebody disappoints you it is because you expected them to do something better than they actually did it. But not meeting those expectations means you were wrong when you believed in and trusted in your own judgment about someone.Continue Reading

We all use certain tactics to keep ourselves safe. As COVID has made it acceptable and necessary to have physical barriers between people, we have also seen the emotional barriers too. These invisible walls are not the answer. We mustContinue Reading

Rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. How ridiculous is that? Everyone instantly begins surveying their body for anything and everything that hurts. The focus is only on the pain. If asked to rate your comfort, whatContinue Reading