We all use certain tactics to keep ourselves safe. As COVID has made it acceptable and necessary to have physical barriers between people, we have also seen the emotional barriers too. These invisible walls are not the answer. We mustContinue Reading

As you re-assess your priorities, goals and daily habits, there is something else to consider. Who will you allow to be in your re-assessed life? As you are planning your return, there will be people who you have already decidedContinue Reading

How many times are you going to say sorry after doing something that you know you should not have done? Saying sorry after making mistakes does not fix the problems created. It doesn’t matter if you are having those mistakesContinue Reading

What things would you change about your lockdown? If granted three wishes, what would you have done to prepare yourself, relationships, projects, health, location? Why? Examine deeply how those changes would be better for you today if your actions hadContinue Reading