Lifestyle changes only occur when those changes fit and stick to what you are already doing. A new habit needs a buddy other than your mates, co-workers, or family. Those relationships are already sufficiently complicated without adding more into the mix. Your habit buddy is simply a tactic that works by encouraging your new but timid habit to buddy up with an existing but more experienced one. Long term success is yours when you realise that it is not you having to stick to the new habit rather it is you finding how to make that new habit stick to you.

For too many people, the true answer to why they are not winning is due to bad choices. Simply put – people choose not to win.  Excuses are people choosing not to win.  Believing that taking first place is the only acceptable victory is choosing not to win.  Deciding that your best is not good enough is choosing not to win.

I have decided that one of my daily POMODOROS will now be a squishy one. Simply put, of all the things I need to do each day, I will choose the most disgusting, rotten, smelly thing and just do it instead of pushing it over until tomorrow.

So take one thing. Choose a pomodoro worth of work. Stop waiting for a better time to do it and just get it done now.

Here’s a technique I created to improve my concentration in archery…and it has worked with tennis players and golfers too.

There seems to be three to five specific mechanical movements I need to really emphasize during my shot sequence. My actual POP words have changed over the years but the same routine is used for each and every arrow.  Whether in competition or training, being able to protect this routine is a very valuable skill.

First competitions are coming up for the new archers. While I have been competing for decades and absolutely love the buzz …some newbies and some veterans alike are not so inclined.

One specific feeling word that pops up is anxiety. This is a real medical problem for some people when it leads to panic attacks, hyperventilation, and fainting (yes I have been first responder on archery fields with such incidents so be prepared).

Everything you have ever seen, heard, read, watched, played or clicked is stored in your vast memory. You are an unique collection of self-filtered information constantly updating via your values and your genetics. Positive, negative, caring, violent, inspirational or just plain lazy actions, inactions and reactions are the daily results.  If you are not getting what you want it is because your vast collection of wisdom needs a better self-filtering warrior. Taking control of your information gateway is the key to success and it all starts now.