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Learning anything takes time. It also takes determination, focus and of course a very good coach.  The relationship between learner and teacher is also especially delicate. It does not always work out either.  These variables are all pretty big challenges on their own, so if you add some intensity into the mix then you are really pushing your luck.


In hopes of making your rewards as valuable as possible, I am creating multiple CRASH courses to intensely expand what you think is possible and to do it in the smallest amount of time available to both of us.

BEGINNERS (2 hours)

  • aimed at new archers –> recurve (compound is possible upon request)
  • safety rules –> so everyone survives
  • bow breakdown and it’s accessories
  • basic shot sequence –> stance, bow arm, string hand
  • competitions –> timers, scoresheets, judges
  • how to train –> so you know what to do next

PERFORMANCE (4 hours+)

  • aimed at experienced athletes –> archers and other sports too
  • focus depends on group so if you have ideas then ask for a session
  • requests are made during registrations
    • examples include: balancing life and training, dealing with inner conflicts, prioritising, returning after a long break, self-talk, anxiety, prepping for competitions, training plans, how to make training more fun, recovery, relaxation, self-coaching, better sleep, better travel, better choices…
  • session is developed based on total requests, speed of learning, new items popping up

PROOF (2 hours)

  • this is the practical session for PROOF
  • introduction and methodology
  • how to use PROOF for your sport, life, special goals
  • can be specially adapted to the groups needs –> specific team/ sport
  • lots of time is given for Q & A


For the upcoming sessions, please select EVENTS. It will take you to all the posts with the dates, locations and registration information. If you wish to request a topic / date / location, please take a look at the CALENDAR to see what is happening and then use the CONTACT form. Although I am based in Iceland, I do travel throughout Europe and North America on a regular basis so a CRASH session(s) could be arranged along side a competition or a training camp. Special arrangements can always be made for travel expenses and large groups. Be brave and let me know your thoughts…