Being an athlete is not just about being the fastest, longest or highest on any given Sunday. The podium does not reflect who is the healthiest or who will have the best quality of life twenty years from now. Too often the immediate glory overshadows the damaging lifestyle which led to that finish line. Learning how to take care of your overall health is a priority which cannot be faked, farmed out or even kept in fashion. This is real work and you must take full responsibility starting right now. No excuses.

The following are posts (not yet linked but I’m working on it) which cover some of the major health issues for athletes of all levels.

  •  food
    • micro
    • macro
  • hydration
    • drinks
  • baseline
  • breathing
  • water therapy
  • cross training
  • sleep
  • taking a break
  • drugs
  • illness
    • physical
    • mental
  • injury
  • medical staff
  • travel
    • jetlag
    • safety
    • drugs
    • SOS