Athletes and coaches deserve to train and compete in complete safety. Any questions or suggestions should always be heard, no matter the sport or level of performance. This site encourages everyone to support each other in achieving their goals in any sport, at any level and in any country in which you choose to pursue your sporting dreams.


The Quinn Peaks Platform

Peak performance happens when you take specific daily actions toward a specific important goal. No one else can do the work for you. Informed daily choices will move you forward with focused intention and with valuable internal motivation.

This is a safe platform. It exists to help you learn, challenge and share knowledge.

Join in and become part of something special. Become responsible for your own success.


Everyone is having a unique COVID experience. There have been new challenges requiring unbelievable strength, gentle kindness, courageous adaptation and a new lifestyle focused on a different values.

These months have not been easy for anyone. No one should ever feel guilty for how much they have been able to do for others or for themselves.

My contributions started simply as a way to help my clients. What resulted was a collection of 50 blog posts written while in a tiny town in the West Fjords of Iceland. Perhaps, it was the never ending snow, the Northern Lights or the experience of being away from it all…

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We all have the right to feel safe and to ask for help when we need it.

Whatever is happening, there is always something which can be done to help you to get through it… so please just be brave enough to ask.

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