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Personal Besting means that you have done something very special and it should be celebrated for all to see.

Top performances can happen in competitions and in trainings. We know it when we cross the line or the buzzer sounds but unless we get to the top of the podium then no one seems to know how truly amazing the performance has been.

So here is the place to celebrate.

I invite you, to use the CONTACT form to submit your new personal best performance and then I will post it on this blog. It does not matter if you are my client or if you are someone I have never met before.

You can include (or exclude if preferred):

  • name
  • location (city, country)
  • event (with date, description and links) or training info
  • time, distance, height, score…
  • your improvement over your last personal best or why this performance is your best for any reason you feel is important
  • your story of the day (limit to 500 words please)
  • any special advice for others
  • link to your own blog, website, Twitter, Facebook post
  • a request to be considered for a visit funded from QUINN’s FUND.