Private Client Registration

Once you are an active CLIENT, all coaching communications will be ONLY on your PRIVATE CLIENT PAGE.

All athletes from all sports can become PRIVATE CLIENTS but please always remember that your reputation is just as important as mine.

Any client will be refused services due to inappropriate behaviour which includes, but is not limited to, any offenses prohibited by the Icelandic Penal Code, Icelandic Weapons Act (Vopnalög nr. 16/1998), World Anti Doping Rules (WADA), the International Olympic Committee SAFE SPORT Initiative, and/or any acts detrimental to any other client member of QUINN PEAKS, ehf.

Your privacy is very important. All data is kept secure using GDPR regulations and is not transferred to any third parties for any reason ever. There are no advertiser plugins on I, Kelea Quinn, attest to being the ONLY person with access to this site. No CLIENT pages are able to be opened unless the PASSWORD is used. If at any time you believe someone has access to your PASSWORD, please use the CONTACT page to notify me immediately so that I can block access to your CLIENT PAGE until the issue is resolved using your predefined security question.  If you receive any emails pretending to be me, please report them using the CONTACT page.

Page access and all data will be deleted upon request or 15 days after anniversary date due to non-payment.

All further questions can be asked using the CONTACT form or by commenting below.

I wish you a warm welcome and look forward to hearing from you soon.


*** Registration Form to be completed as required by law.