• Internalise these until you don’t even have to read the first and most important page of PROOF:
      • Don’t do stupid stuff – you know already what will hurt you, what is a bad decision or who might be a bad influence. Stop letting yourself down by setting yourself up to just fall down again. Prevent the accidents before you are left with only regrets.
      • Train smarter – the hours don’t matter if you apply the minutes wisely. Take a look at The Little Book of Talent
      • Be boring – it is never the grand gestures which move you forward, rather it is the little steps you take every day which build a solid foundation. Repeat the basics over and over because they will give you true confidence.
      • Know your truth – your voice is what matters. Never give the lying naysayers a moment to bully you or talk down your efforts. They are idiots. You know what you are doing when they are not watching so use that to form your truth. Find your mantra and feel it inside.
      • Be GOLDEN – every training day must include a moment where you reflect on something special that happened. Either you helped someone or they helped you. A new lesson was learned or you stuck a new move. Celebrate every personal besting moment you make.