There is a sweet spot which exists when your highest goals respect your deepest personal beliefs. This combination pumps endless energy into your daily commitments and best results soon follow. When these areas share common ground then your path to future success will be a wonderful journey bumps and all.

But you have to want it and work for it and take no excuses. No one will do the hard stuff for you so you must be responsible for kicking you own ass every single day.

FOCUS can be fuzzy at first… but continue to zero in on what makes you buzz inside. Go through images, films, books and your own history to find inspiration. This is highly important as you need these first sparks for lasting energy.  Once identified keep adding to the fire and building your passion daily by identifying others with shared goals and those who add depth to your ideal performance.

Next is to examine how your goals co-exists with your belief system. What you BELIEVE makes you strong today and will make you even stronger tomorrow. Money and fame can shine bright for a moment but can you still be your real self during the rest of your life’s journey? Choose your steps wisely.

When you COMMIT to yourself – you future self – you are making a promise to take each necessary step to make it happen. Even if no one is watching, know that everyday is another performance on the practice field, classroom or office. No one will do the hard stuff for you… so whatever stage you call home – be worthy of standing in your own spotlight by committing to excellence every time.

But most of all – LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Zero excuses. 100% Responsibility.