Things are simple at the start. Go fast. Go hard. Just go go go!!! And this kinda works until . . .  something gets in the way.

The roadblocks are not usually due to the physical skills directly related to your sport because you can train to get better with time and knowledge and a good dose of old-fashion grit.

The roadblocks which will cause the most unwelcomed delays and detours are actually the relationships, the logistics and all the unwritten rules which pop up out of nowhere.

No matter how far along the road you have travelled, it is a valuable step to evaluate what you have and want right now. If you are just starting out or have already decades of experience, this will be a great way to know where you stand today – what is working, what is not and new options that can be explored in terms of facilities, equipment, clothes and events.

These lists will help to better prepare yourself for training and competitions…and if you find things to add then Tweet me @KeleaQuinn