Show me the money! How much do you spend each year on your sport? If your team pays for everything or you have multiple sponsors picking up the tabs then congrats. If you are having to figure out every hotel booking, registration fee and bottle of sports drink then you know how time consuming it is to get a handle on your finances. Either way, once you know the costs then you will be in much better shape to decide what happens next.

The following are posts (not yet linked but I’m working on it) which cover some of the major financial issues for athletes of all levels.

  •  budgets
    • tracking
    • registrations
      • deadlines
    • insurance
  • bag
  • equipment
  • clothes
  • food & drinks
  • commuting
  • travel
    • documents
    • hotel
    • flights
    • ground transport
    • visas
    • permits
  • coaches
    • volunteers verses paid
  • sponsors
  • volunteering