Breathing A B C’s

I am getting ready for my first knock out round in the Archery World Series in Luxembourg. Had a quick word with some archers about breathing… and it is something you should know too.

Take a breath right now wherever you are. How do you feel? Energetic? Calm? Focused?

Did you do your A B C’s?

A –> Airway

B –> Breathing

C –> Circulation

If you have learned CPR then you know how key each step is to saving someone’s life. Now let’s make it work for for your next Peak Performance.

A –> Airway means having good posture. You should be sitting/standing tall, shoulders down, chest proud, head up

B –> Breathing is about taking a real breath. How do you know? Smell the air as you inhale. It makes a difference!

C –> Circulation is for feeling that oxygen move through you body from your nose to your toes and back again.

Go ahead and try –> A B C

Take it up a level by closing your eyes. The more you practise this the more natural it will feel when you need to access your peak performance zone.

Enjoy what your body can do simply by changing a few little things… like taking your next breath.

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