Archery is not about controlling the arrow – it is about releasing the spirit.  For a moment arrow, bow and archer all fly together towards the target. – KQ


There is a sweet spot which exists when your highest goals respect your deepest personal beliefs. This combination pumps endless energy into your daily commitments and best results soon follow. When these areas share common ground then your path to future success will be a wonderful journey bumps and all.

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Whatever spark got you started in your sport it is unique to you and it should always be cherished.



Things are simple at the start. Go fast. Go hard. Just go go go!!! And this kinda works until . . .  something gets in the way.



When you are performing, you need to become your own lifeguard. You need to know what to do, when to do it and how to keep yourself safe while doing it.



Coach Kelea

Providing peak performance coaching for athletes worldwide.

Competitive sporting history includes archery, triathlon, middle distance running (and coaching), open water & sprint swimming (and coaching), volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, ballet and badminton ==> these sporting experiences make my coaching delivery highly creative and aimed at finding the best solution for an athlete’s individual needs.

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Warrior Wisdom

Never take breaks from being your amazing true self.


Be bold enough to raise the standards of everyone around you.