If you shift your mindset to the journey, then you will have a success more valuable than any trophy will ever provide.

For every performer, your daily efforts are what counts. The end goal is not a true goal.  The real goal is to be true to yourself every step of the way. It is the only path to real victory.


This site includes many ideas, tips and tricks for improving your performance in whatever sport you have chosen. Feel free to read all the posts which interest you. Articles that are my own can be found under the category of KQ, 50 Challenges and those inspired by others can be found in the LIBRARY.

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Your planner should be your loyal training partner, biggest supporter and most truthful coach ever.

It should support you and help you to see clearly as to what matters most on any training day. It should make it easy to see patterns thus aiding development while also tracking things which can hurt you too. It should make you feel prepared for any performance you want to do. It should be a resource which has value without requiring a price tag. But most of all, it should be personalized to your unique journey.

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Project 100

For anyone needing to mix up their training routine due to boredom, frustration or coming back after a break, I have created a new daily project for you.

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50 Challenges

Everyone had a unique experience in 2020. There have been new challenges requiring unbelievable strength, gentle kindness, courageous adaptation and a new lifestyle focused on a different values. Those months have not been easy for anyone. No one should ever feel guilty for how much they have been able to do for others or for themselves.

My contributions started simply as a way to help my clients. What resulted was a collection of 50 blog posts written while in a tiny town in the West Fjords of Iceland. Perhaps, it was the never ending snow, the Northern Lights or the experience of being away from it all…

All the posts can be found HERE

...but you can start with this one Inventory. Read them at your own pace. Do the challenges. Write your thoughts. And whatever happens next, just breathe. You will get through it.
As some time has passed now, I have been editing the posts to be reused as 50 Challenges instead of the original COVID lockdown ideas. Take a download of PROOF and work through the posts. Some will be more relevant than others to the world of today.

Isafjordur March 2020



We all have the right to feel safe and to ask for help when we need it.

Whatever is happening, there is always something which can be done to help you to get through it… so please just be brave enough to ask.


Here are some posts that might help…

Breathing A B C’s

SOS – Self Oasis Sequence

IF/ THEN ==> Anxiety

IF/ THEN ==> Bickering

IF / THEN ==> Confidence

Please feel free to use the search function for any key words so you can find what you are looking for. All posts are listed on KQ.

Isafjordur, ICELAND
Isafjordur, ICELAND by KQ