It’s Not About the Goals

Goal setting sucks. There are all these SMART rules (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Timed) and endless worksheets and experts trying to get you excited about finishing something far off in the future. BUT I want to be excited today and I want to be happy about doing it now.

Thinking about competing at the Olympics does not get me out of bed in the morning, nor does it make training anymore easier. If I prioritize checking the boxes and completing certain tasks because it is written down and ever so beautifully presented on some flow chart…then I would go crazy. I am not a robot nor someone’s puppet.

Today I am training (playing Game of X’s), adding to my Warrior Wisdom by reading up on dopamine, and coaching some newer archers for their first competition. There is some crappy political stuff too but it just needs to be done so no need to waste time complaining or delaying.

What makes today great is that my To Do List is a continuation of my journey. My passion builds with every arrow released and each new piece of information I learn. I respect my duty as a role model to help others on their journey. And I am committed to doing it everyday no matter what crap gets in my way.  My day is not burdened by endless reflection on if this will take me to the starting line. My focus is on today’s actions not about what might happen in two years or what happened yesterday.

Don’t get lost in your pretty goals out there in the distance. Today is where you will find all the action.