My first time back

More than a decade ago, I had the most wonderful race ever but I was in last place so no one else knew how special it was to me.

A year earlier I had found a lump. What followed was a load of tests, meds, an operation and recovery. When I first knew of that wretched little monster growing inside me, I was so mad and sad simultaneously, that it exhausted me completely. I even had a 10k road race which I didn’t finish (the only race I have not finished EVER) because I was running on empty and could not accept what might happen when the doctors would operate. ┬áDuring recovery, I made a promise to finish my next race. I did it and I was last in my age group. Crossing that finish line (Olympic distance triathlon) was beautiful. Yes my time was slower than what I had done previously, but it was also a victory which I still savour to this day.

Personal Besting happens because we challenge ourselves today to be better than we were yesterday. Sometimes the clock shows how well we have preformed but usually it can only be measured by the beating of our own heart.

I challenge everyone in every sport to share their own Personal Besting stories.

And for anyone doubting what tomorrow will bring, just find something today to hold on to be it a friend, a pillow or a dream. Take a breath. Start from where you are right now and believe that you can defy the odds. I do and I am.

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