10 Minute Toughness

10 Minute Toughness. The Mental Training Program for Winning before the Game Begins by Jason Selk (2009)

I read this book when I first started to compete in archery back in 2009. My previous game plans used in swimming and triathlon did not quite work in this new sport. I used to be focused on going as hard and as fast for as long as the clock was ticking, but in archery I needed to time what happens between multiple shots for multiple hours in both qualification rounds and duels.

My main takeaways included deep breathing, pre-practice prep (something which is a corner stone to my training), and solution focused thinking. Have a look to see what you can incorporate into your routine both in practice and in competitions.

Almost ten years later, I still incorporate the things I learned from this book in my performances and in my coaching techniques too.

Thank you Dr. Selk.