Challenging Ourselves to Reach for the Stars

If you believe that you can do something – is that enough? No. Never. Not a chance.

For those who are trying to do something that they have never ever done before, a too often used phrase pops up about believing in yourself and therefore achieving anything becomes possible. As a coach, I know this is just not true.

Wishing and hoping and most of all, holding on to the idea that all is going to work out just because you want it to, is simply not valid. 

Every time I travel to another location, I am amazed at the potential I see as well as all the issues which hold back greatness.  What blocks athletes the most is almost never their raw ability, rather it is the false information fed to them via the media, well-intentioned ‘friends’ or money grubbing ‘experts.’ No matter how much potential exists, these athletes must first spend time trying to unlearn what has been holding them back, namely the false ideas of what matters most in achieving anything.

Personal bests are not made by wishing for them, subjecting yourself to cold-hearted pain or even by how much gets charged on your credit cards. Those five star programs/ materials/ facilities set out by five star coaches while charging you five star prices must be zapped from memory. 

As a performer, you must take full responsibility in learning what works best for you.

  • Learn how to do effective deep practice.
  • Understand how your body reacts to real effort with intelligent recovery.
  • Evaluate what works best by tracking everything.
  • Commit to training when you don’t feel like it so that you know how to motivate yourself on race day.
  • Be stubborn enough and curious enough to find solutions when things get tough, confusing, frustrating, boring or even crazy beyond explanation.
  • Push yourself when no one else is looking except you.

There are no shortcuts or magic potions.

Until you understand that you must work for it – by combining your time, energy and wisdom – then and only then will you understand how far you can truly push yourself into greatness.


If you are going to believe in anything, then believe in your own ability to work incredibly hard for what you truly want. That is the only magic you will ever need in becoming a real star.

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