Who Needs Your A Game?



Top performers must find their purpose. This is a key finding from studying habits which produce best results.

Starting at 6:01 of this animated book summary for High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard, the habit of “Bringing my A Game” is explained. Believing that “high performers are inspired by a sense of purpose” is correct on a certain level, but I challenge you to find your true motivation not by helping others rather I urge you to focus on yourself.

Shockingly selfish isn’t it?

When you are performing in your events at competitions, your job at work, or your studies at school, who benefits the most from your efforts? Your fans? Your bank account manager? Your teacher? Who is it all for?

The answer which we have been led to believe is about doing good for our team, our company, our neighbours, our family or our friends… We have been told that it is selfish to do something for ourselves.

BUT taking care of yourself is your number one priority. You must purposely do things which benefit yourself over and above everyone else. You would be a better performer if your primary focus was to learn how to inspire yourself for yourself instead of allowing the needs of others to control your actions.

This is in no way an allowance to become a complete jerk and of course legalities pertain to your chosen actions, but the benefits of those actions must be first aimed towards helping yourself before helping anyone else.

Be the one person you help the most everyday.

Learn to focus on making nutritional choices which benefit your performance needs, create a sleep schedule which allows you to recover most efficiently from your trainings, make your warm up and cool down the most effective possible for what your unique body requires and most of all reject those habits which entertain others but cause you negativity. Stop putting yourself in second place. Get into the habit of choosing the best options for yourself everyday.

Starting now, choose to dedicate your “A Game” to yourself.