SOS – Self Oasis Sequence

When a client is dealing with performance anxiety, stressed out moments and those times when everything just feels wrong, I have found a few things to be effective…


Do your  Breathing A B C’s

while touching the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue

and holding a calm image in your mind


In better moments…


1. Prepare a short note which can be read at any time – just a few words or a sentence written in your own hand – not a quote by someone else rather something which uses your own special words (play with colour and size of words too). Take it to the next level by engraving a key chain, write it on your shoes or even a tatoo (no judgements).
2. Journal/Talk session of worse case scenario(s) – I call these IF/THEN solutions Spend time on creating solutions to each piece of POPCORN which is causing you negative stress. Whatever issues you are having while training and/or competing, know that the same issues tend to pop up on a regular basis so learn to prepare for them.
3. Create an SOS pack (this also is good for those with panic attacks, plane phobias) – take a little drawstring bag (choose colours, pattern, designs… there are materials you can draw on too), fill it with things which bring comfort – use as many senses as possible —> scent, music, journal, pictures, gloves (hands like warmth when anxious plus saves biting nails), tea bags, gum, sun glasses, lip balm… make it personal and easy to grab.
Good luck

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