Be Your Own Hero

Having a hard day does not give anyone a free pass in making someone else’s day become a nightmare. Nor does it mean that you are allowed to make decisions which will make the day become even worse for you.

Lashing out, road rage, having a few pints, swiping that credit card again or opening that tub of ice cream are all nothing more than forms of self sabotage and they will continue to bring you harm long after this day is done.

You deserve better


no one is coming to save you from yourself.

  • If today is becoming difficult then please hit the pause button and take a moment to think about doing something – anything – to break the cycle.
  • On those rare calm days, use thirty minutes to create your personal SOS Rescue Bag instead of just sitting your sofa watching somebody do something which really does not matter to you at all while stuffing your face with garbage and complaining about it in cyberspace. You control your RESET button so push it.
  • Do something every day which supports the real person you are meant to be. Do what you can with what you’ve got. This is the only secret weapon you need.
  • Use your Journal. It does not belong on the shelf.

Most of all, stop waiting to someone else to solve your problems. You have to take 100% responsibility to fix your mistakes and to start focusing on the things that matter. Stop wishing for things to be different. Start taking action today to have the life you want and to live the life you deserve to have.

Be your own hero.



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