When the finish line is near, some performers begin celebrating early, some get an extra surge of energy to edge out a rival and some continue at their own pace no matter who is around them.

How are you handling your finish line?

Have you already begun your new normal schedule? Are you planning every detail? Are you punishing yourself for all things which you should have done? Have you decided to stay in hiding a little longer?

Starting anything requires strength. Finishing requires even more.

In these final steps, do yourself proud. Do what feels right to you. If you need extra time then take it.

Whatever you have been doing to get this far, keep doing. Continue to take time for self care, reach out to loved ones, learn new things and respect yourself enough to make good decisions.

It is not the time to go backwards and wish things had been different. Nothing will change the past.

Be as strong as you can today.

The finish line is near.