When somebody disappoints you it is because you expected them to do something better than they actually did it.

But not meeting those expectations means you were wrong when you believed in and trusted in your own judgment about someone.

That’s why it hurts.

You might think that the emotional pain comes from someone else but it really comes from inside yourself.

And yet you will try to blame the other person for not meeting your own falsely assumed expectation about them.

Is it possible to just stop having expectations? Does that mean that you will never be disappointed again?


But why would someone want to be around you if you never expect anything in the relationship?

Expectations are hope.

When someone feels that from you it will encourage them to become better. It will make them feel like someone cares about their well being. In turn, they will have expectations about you too.

Sometimes hope will be all that is needed to get you through the day.

Expecting the best and accepting a little less is how friendships become ever lasting.

You don’t have to choose to stop expecting. The real choice is what to stop accepting.