Being Numb

Competitions, relationships, goals… what happens when it doesn’t go as planned? During the moment, the surge of uncomfortable emotion intensifies every single feeling possible but then something else happens.

Normal stress responses are well known –> fight, flight and freeze. But there seems to be an additional behaviour which attaches itself to each of those responses which causes long lasting effects.

We learn to protect ourselves from those uncomfortable emotional surges by convincing ourselves that those goals really don’t matter that much after all. We purposely start fading the memories so the bad things blur into nothingness and anything good gets reduced into moments of chance.

We numb down what we feel so that the uncomfortable emotional surges lose their power.

BUT in reality, that is just another form of cheating in the game of life.

By trying to convince ourselves that certain things really don’t matter, we are cheating ourselves from actually being all that we can be.

Recognize when you start to tell yourself that It doesn’t really matter. Stop yourself from saying It’s not important. Never believe the words that You didn’t really want it in the first place.

Accept that obstacles will get in your way BUT pretending that you don’t want the goal will never remove the obstacle, or the one that comes after that, or the next one after that…

You will always be stronger than you think.

You will always be more brave than what you believe is possible.

When something happens, you will be emotional. Welcome to being human. In order to overcome the obstacle, you must accept the obstacle, and accept the uncomfortable emotional surges it creates. But then you must choose what to do next.

Learn to understand your feelings as a source of power rather than something to be numbed down. When you are being true to who you are and who you want to be, it will become your power. It will give you true inner strength, resilience and grit in order to survive all obstacles. So tell yourself to feel it and keep going towards your goal.

Trust yourself to feel your feelings as what they are… the voice of your true self and the power to get everything you truly want out of this life.