How Much Did You Lose

After a very long break, some athletes are realizing just how much conditioning they have lost. For those athletes starting back into training, all those months of not being able to train ‘normally’ have definitely taken a toll. It is a very harsh new reality.

While seeing the first month’s results of the Challenge, I can also attest to having results so far under my  norm. It is both laughable and sad to admit how much I have not been able to train this past year. However, accepting that this is a new starting point is necessary. There is no pretending that tomorrow I will magically awake with all the strength and endurance I held previously. It will take some serious work to get to where I want to be.

For others who are doing time trials, online competitions or just trying to repeat a workout from last year, know that these new results are only a stepping stone on your way back. The best thing you can do is accept the level you are at right now and start to move forward today.

Whatever access you have must be maximized. Your equipment might need some servicing to ensure safety. Your nutrition must be given proper attention. Sleep and self care must be a priority. Journal about your worries and ask for help when it is needed. But under no circumstances must anyone feel sorry for themselves or hide away in self pity. Everyone is dealing with the situation as best as they can, so you just to do your best too.

Be honest with what you have lost. Be honest with how much you can do today. Know that coming back from this will be more challenging than your previous injuries, illnesses or other roadblocks because this ´break´ has broken us on so many levels. It is not just about muscle repair or mending a broken bone. You must find your own way to rebuild your spirit by trusting your ability to re-become your best.

It can be done. Start with what you have today and move forward.

Believe in yourself. You’ve got this.