Mental Health for Coaches

Coaches Going Mental Read it but then read this…

Coaches get treated very poorly all over the world and in all sports. It is not just the pressure of having to win either. Organizations create the environment where coaches cannot make changes.

Since 2020, I have had to deal with a convicted drug traffiker, weapon offenses, pedophilia, alcoholics and all those people in governance who did not help me when reporting it.

When coaching, every session should be focused upon getting your athletes performing better. 

For the majority of coaches, the lack of better performance is due greatly to the lack of professionalism in the organizations.

Changes will only happen when and if athletes, parents and sponsors support coaches who are allowed to focus on performance instead of all the BS that they see each and every day.

Coaches should not have to leave clubs or countries due to these issues. Organizations must allow criticism and change methods to retain ethical coaching staff.

The next opportunity you get to ask a coach how things are going… listen to them.

And if it is a bad coach (pedo, drug pusher, felon, alcoholic perv) kick them out and make sure that everyone knows why.


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