Making Another Shift

When there is enough frustration, then change becomes easy. The status quo is just not good enough anymore.

Life is a stage of stages.  With every change comes new challenges. The hope is for clarity and understanding. Values must be respected always.

The next change has already begun. Every morning will become my proof.

*** As this post has resulted in some questions from those close to me, I feel I must elaborate…

I am reformating my site to reflect more searchable information on things I have posted long ago. I do not want to shift into a continuous blogging place rather I want to group my exisitng content into more readable guides for readers and other face to face clients. So many topics have been covered over the years, so I believe it would be worthwhile to reformat a bit. Categories and tags will change and I expect some links to break. I will also go over the COVID posts which I have been able to already rename as The 50 Challenges (and will edit individual posts to be applicable to today’s world). New pdfs will become available for download and I will release some worksheets that only my private clients have been able to access thus far. I hope you will be a little patient with me as every change on the theme has been taking a little time. I will get it done… promise.

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