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Training journals offer huge opportunities for tracking progress. The market offers many varieties but they can cost silly amounts, be confusing or simply not inspire you to find your greatness. Too many times, I have coached people who have a journal(s) but they just don’t use them so it just gathers dust.

Your planner should be your loyal training partner. It should support you and help you to see clearly as to what matters most on any training day. It should make it easy to see patterns thus aiding development while also tracking things which can hurt you too. It should make you feel prepared for any performance you want to do. It should be a resource which has value without requiring a price tag. But most of all, it should be personalised to your unique journey.

Welcome to PROOF

A jump start to using the planner can be found HERE.

  • The PDF version is ePROOFbyKeleaQUINN. You can then save the file to your desktop. Please check formatting for A4 or letter size paper when printing. I recommend that you double side it and fit two pages per sheet. You might need to play with your settings to make it print in booklet form. There are 80 pages total so a ‘double sided 2 pages per sheet’ print out will give you 20 printed pages to staple together. You can of course adapt it to your needs such as full size single sided to allow more journal space too or hole punch it for a ringed binder.
  • A printed paper copy can be sent via the post. Just use the CONTACT form. You can see below for the size (17cm x 13cm) and it has a cover.

Cost – I have decided to let readers of my site to have the PROOF Planner for free. I never want anyone to be blocked from improving themselves because they lack the financial resources to do so.  All I do ask is that if you wish a paper copy then you donate the applicable mailing costs to QUINN’s FUND (100g envelop A5 from Europe to your home). Please note your transaction number so I can match up the entries and labels. And yes, multiple copies are possible too.

PROOF has been around since 2005. It is in constant development. I needed something to track my triathlon training – 3 sports plus weight training as well as my nutrition. Being organised is key to success. Knowing what your body needs is just as important as understanding why certain things don’t work. Performers must be 100% responsible in making the best choices for themselves. We don’t all get a team of coaches preparing our day, so PROOF is here to help you figure it out for yourself. Use it. Adapt it to your own needs. Then share it with others to help them on their journey too.