Warrior Wisdom

Everything you have ever seen, heard, read, watched, played, clicked… is stored in your memory and is used to make your decisions.  But when those inputs have been negative, violent, weak or just plain lazy, those same memories affect your reactions to challenges because they have become part of who you are as a person.  Although the past cannot be erased (don’t waste your time in trying to forget either), today you can choose to plant new memories inside that brain of yours and help make better decisions tomorrow.

It actually is a simple concept ==> Which news stories did you click this morning? With whom did you eat lunch? Did you see a flower, a smile or a beautiful picture during your commute? Did you hear a song that made you want to dance? Did you laugh at a joke? These simple questions should have positive YES answers each and every day! Make sure to find 5 positive YES’s daily or 10 if you are an over-achiever like the majority of my clients. High scores involving loud birds or shiny candies do not count.

Now to really benefit from this concept, the next step is to search out images, articles, DVDs… anything and everything which positively and specifically relates to your future. Read biographies of your heroes. Watch films with inspiring storylines. Listen to music which instantly gets your hips shaking. Collect images of where you want to go. You need to make a conscious and daily effort to increase your knowledge and to deepen your desires surrounding your personal goals.

Don’t waste your energy playing video games just to pass the time. Do not believe for second that repeated exposure to violence does not desensitise your responses or increase your tolerance for violence. Who did what in some TV reality show does not matter on race day. If you are looking simply to have a release or recharge – know that there are much better choices than that weak trash. If you continue putting garbage in your brain you will continue to have only garbage coming out thus not having what it takes to pull through at crunch time.

Make a choice to start putting good stuff inside that relates to what you want to do and who you want to be while doing it. Do NOT wait for tomorrow! Before you go to sleep tonight find an image that represents your goal. Read why your hero started his/her journey. Who were the heroes of your hero? Find a memento of the last time you had an excellent performance or training session. Look up a new piece of new equipment and learn how it can help. Whatever it is, start recording this positive goal related stuff in a journal or on your blog to prove to yourself how much you really want success.

When something challenging comes up during your next performance, listen to your special song to change your state instantly, keep perspective based on your positive mind set, imagine what your hero would do in the same circumstances and remember keep looking for options because you know that a positive solution is possible.