Frustratingly Beautiful Inspiration

Sometimes interruptions can change your life. Stori Nupur, ICELAND. 2016. Credit Stefan Romberg.

It’s Monday and there are so many things to do today (as always) so a new blog post was not in the cards…


As I was just peeking at my WordPress Reader, I explored the TAGS and clicked on INSPIRATION… but promising only for five minutes  as my to do list was calling. I simply wanted a bit of positive energy to push me forward.

Well I clicked and somebody’s post caught my eye, so I opened it in a new tab and read it. Then I went back to my Reader and clicked another post and then another. Each time I would read something and then go back to my Reader there would be something else to click. Plus there was that orange top bar showing how many new posts were waiting to be updated on my screen… again and again. It was a frustrating circle – every time I went to read something there would be a bunch of new posts waiting. I could not keep up.


How absolutely wonderful that all these people all over this world are writing about INSPIRATION right now?!

How absolutely kind that people all over this world are giving a part of themselves to inspire others in whatever way they are able?!

How absolutely beautiful to know that so many people all over this world are doing something because they care enough to inspire  strangers across the ocean?!

No single post inspired me to get going on my list… rather it was everyone’s single post put together which simultaneously kicked my ass and touched my heart.

So thank you to every blogger – old young new and/or wickedly wise – because this is how we are making our world a better place – one little inspirational post at a time.