How to Win

For too many people, the true answer to why they are not winning is due to bad choices. Simply put – people choose not to win.  Excuses are people choosing not to win.  Believing that taking first place is the only acceptable victory is choosing not to win.  Deciding that your best is not good enough is choosing not to win.

If you want to win then:

1. Choose to get out of bed and get started doing your day. You have done it before so do it again. Don’t wait another minute to become the person you want to be.

2. Choose to do something today that supports your future. Train true. Learn new stuff that matters. Eat to nourish your body not to punish it. Believe in the basics.

3. Choose to be with people who are supporting your future. Drop the negative sucking drones. Learn that feeling good about living your dreams while being in the same room with others is allowed. If this is not happening, then close the door and choose another room.

4. Choose something from your past that proves you have succeeded before. Today is not day zero. You have already done so many things – no matter how small. Every past experience builds upon your wisdom. Never forget how far you have already come.

5. Choose to win by being your best today. Sh*t happens. Understand that only you can truly know when you are doing your best despite all that other stuff going on.  Learn to recognise the differences between fatigue, sadness and fear. Understand when you want to push and when you need to pause. Question yourself and decide for yourself.

There will always be others who will judge your performance by the size of the trophy, record or marketability.

But that stuff does not matter.

You win by choosing your own finish line.

You win by understanding what is right for you.

You win when you know that your private victories will never tarnish, break or be forgotten.

You are the only only judge that matters.

…and only you will tell yourself to get out of bed tomorrow.

No excuses.

100% responsibility.