Starting with the sparks

Whatever spark got you started in your sport it is unique to you and it should always be cherished.

That same spark naturally changes in its motivating intensity, so you must make time to keep your unique fire building and burning with enough light to see the path ahead.

There are many options via books – non/ fiction, articles,  movies, videos, websites, seminars, quotes, courses…

Keep diving into the classics but stay open to the stories you hear within the circuit –> real stories happening in the now and told with heart, athletes doing their thing and struggling for their piece of glory.

You never know when someone across the world will do or say something that strikes a chord within you and helps you find another source of inspiration to develop your own talent further.  Invest some time every week to learn something new about your sport and your fellow athletes.

And when you do find something GOLDEN, please take a few seconds more to share it with someone else too.

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