Getting What You Want

It is not about wishing, hoping or dreaming to get to the finish line. We know that we must take steps every single day, no matter how small or scary or simply boring those steps may be.

But when something gets in your way and you lose your momentum there is only one thing to do next…

Reconnect with your motivation. Repeat.

Getting thrown off track happens for the stupidness reasons –> time, money, weather, politics, equipment, food, illness…

Well, actually other people seem to mess things up for me the most too. All those other things kinda happen and sometimes I can prepare in advance, take precautions, have a plan B… But  the most common cause of me losing my momentum is when someone else’s decisions get in my way.

Solution: I consciously reconnect with all my personal reasons for doing what I am doing. There are motivations behind my goals which are deeply private and come from my soul. You don’t need to know them but I definitely do. And I must repeat those reasons to myself daily.

Whatever your life values may be, you must respect them always. Take time to understand how your values inter-relate and how they naturally give you the power to move forward despite the roadblocks.

When you commit to honouring who you are, your daily actions become consistently positive.  It becomes a simple choice to go training, to say how you truly feel, to eat better, to take care of your body and to push your limits –> because those actions mean that you are doing what you are meant to do.

Be true to yourself. Be brave for yourself. And most of all do it for yourself. Everyday.