Thank you to WOW Air

Just wanting to say thank you to WOW Air for flying me to my competitions, to my friends and to my current life.

I know many people are stranded right now including my husband who still does not know what comes next.

The airline has had issues for many months and this is in no way a surprise considering all the information in the Icelandic newspapers and the talk by the locals.

But I would still like to say thank you to all the staff who have made my 30+ flights a success.

It truly is sad that jobs will be lost and certain tourists will not be able to visit Iceland but it must be said that the prices were cheaper for a reason. Many people profited from those fares either by getting the chance to travel somewhere new, choosing to spend their money on other things or having a business based upon people using those cheaper fares.

Today is the day that we pay the real costs of all those cheap tickets.

As unions are striking in Iceland for their own reasons, I wish to remind everyone that we all make decisions every day about how we live, how we make money and what we choose to do with the money we have earned. Nothing is guaranteed – not our jobs, our businesses or our flights.

Whatever you choose to do with your life, figure out what matters most and do not expect anyone to feel sorry for you if something goes wrong. Of course this is harsh but as a coach I know that the only way to make things better is to make those uncomfortable and hard decisions each and every day.

Getting to my competitions has just become more expensive so I will have to choose what to do in order to pay for that. Certain friends will lose money because their businesses rely on those tourists coming to Iceland on cheaper tickets. And even my husband will be remote working for a little while longer too until we find another solution.

Bottom line…
Business decisions are about money.
Life decisions are about values.
Never pretend that it is about anything more complicated than that.

Safe travels to everyone trying to get home.


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