Self Check

For some of us it has only been 4 days in lock down but for others it has been many weeks and even months.

Trying to maintain our composure during this time is ‘brave’ because it does help others who are not as strong. But we must realise and appreciate the fact that we are all human and this stuff sucks.


Every morning and night, take a moment to self check your own well being… sleep, nutrition, hygiene and by taking a few minutes to vent your true emotions via crying, screaming, ‘constructive’ blog posting, laughing inappropriately, pillow fighting, cleaning the vacuum again…


You don’t have to be brave all the time.

For frontline workers, food delivery drivers, postal workers, tech support and even some politicians… I thank you and everyone doing their job to keep things moving.

For those adapting to online study, 24/7 care giving, hospitality workers, flight staff… just breathe. This is a very uncomfortable situation and the answers are not known right now.

BUT we are all in this together despite our ages, the borders drawn on maps, the languages we speak or the beliefs we might hold.

So please do a self check every morning and night. Ask for help when you need it. Help someone else however you can. Repeat for tomorrow.