If we choose to focus on the good stuff then that will become the focus of our lives.

If we choose to keep reading about all the crap going on in this world then that will consume our lives too.

It is a choice to spend the day exposing ourselves to misinformation and negativity as well as making a choice to infect the rest of the world with it too.

Start your day with self care first. Prioritise your needs and make sure that they are met before you take on the wants of the world. This is not being selfish rather it is about making yourself strong enough first before you try to help others.

When you are ready to take in today’s info be selective. Absorb the basic facts only. Stop exposing yourself to negativity. Choose to take full control.

Today’s challenge is not a true challenge rather it is about building a better daily habit to use for the rest of your life.

Choose the good stuff —> absorb it, create it, share it.

GOLDEN nuggets of positivity can come from anywhere. Someone on the other side of the globe can do something which inspires you to create something GOLDEN too. No matter how small an action might be, it counts.

Give your attention to the amazing things being done everyday. But most of all, learn to share this good stuff with everyone else too. Choose to become a part of the cure everyday.