Prepare yourself for something a little different today.

I always get interesting messages from people all over the world but yesterday’s news about postponing the Tokyo Olympics caused an influx of a different sort. There was a real disappointment in not being able to perform as a team at the event.

So during this time, I realise that athletes are missing their teammates, both the social side and the ability to work towards goals together too.

Strangely, COVID has made us all part of the same team… or at least we should be acting that way. Those disrespecting the advice should be red carded, ejected from the game and even given a suspension for a very long time.

But we don’t get time-outs right now. Instead we must stay in the game, keep trying new plays and keep that ball moving… together.

So here is the team challenge for everyone everywhere who wants to participate…

Right now, winning this battle is based on communication. Sharing information around the world means we must work together in order to understand each other in all languages.

As a team, we can make those lines of communication better in very small but important ways.

Everyday, I am getting information in multiple languages. Using Google Translate means I can understand the local news here in Iceland, but I can also keep up with my previous home news in Monaco and with my clients in Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Brazil…

When I am using the translation tool, I come across phrases which need a little editing —> so I do it. The changes are tiny but over time, it does feel good to make it better for someone else down the line.

Could you imagine how much more efficient the translations would become if we did it as a team?

So here is the link for how to improve Google Translate…

If you want to be a part of something bigger than your country, the Olympics or even COVID, then give it a try. A teammate, who you will never meet, will appreciate your efforts long after this game is done.