Today’s very difficult challenge is to figure out the bigger things which are bugging you right now.

Someone might have really screwed up or perhaps you said something wrong, but in either case you are the one dealing with the consequences today.

Write out each issue one by one. Explore your true feelings and explain as clearly as possible why you are hurt by what happened.

Use our current situation to seek a solution either by contacting the person involved or asking someone else to you help you fix things.

Please be reasonable and somewhat polite when contacting others. But don’t be so unclear that nothing gets resolved. If you are mad at someone then tell them that and explain why. If you are confused about a past conversation or action then ask for them an explanation. Tell them you want and deserve the truth no matter what.

Clear up old misunderstandings, find answers to longtime questions, truly apologise for something done wrong…

But be prepared for anything.

Either you will have to deal with a new reality based on truth or you will finally have a reason to let go of something which has held you back for way too long.

We might all be stuck at home right now but that is no reason to stay stuck in the past. History is not going to change but your understanding of what happened can be shifted in an instant.