Tomorrow will be day 14 of lockdown. How many more days are left is unknown… and I am sorry but that it is our reality right now.

So far these posts have challenged you in many different directions, but one thing is clear: You must continue to make daily choices which protect your mental, physical and emotional well being.

Whatever you have done so far is great. You got here. But before you decide what you want to do next, take a moment to reflect and to celebrate what you have achieved

Here is the list so far:

March 16, 2020 —> Inventory

March 17, 2020 —> Challenge

March 18, 2020 —> STOP

March 19, 2020 —> Self Check

March 20, 2020 —> Golden

March 21, 2020 —> Forgive

March 22, 2020 —> Letters

March 23, 2020 —> Sweat

March 24, 2020 —> Clarity

March 25, 2020 —> Teammates

March 26, 2020 —> Begin

March 27, 2020 —> Breathe

Tomorrow is another challenge but use today to prove to yourself how well you are doing already.

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