Did you read your letter?

A week ago, you were challenged to write a letter to yourself and then to open it today.

March 22, 2020 —> Letters

If you didn’t do this then you can try again next week, but you can still take a moment today to think about your mind set of last week.

For those that did write to themselves, evaluate how much your perspective has changed over the last seven days.

If you were wrong about certain outcomes, then ask yourself why? Did your actions match what you had planned? Or did something get in your way? Identifying roadblocks is key so take the time to figure out yours.

If you were right, then push yourself to plan for new things next week. It means you have figured out how to identify what you want and then take the steps to make it happen. Check your process and streamline what you can.

If you had written down worries, then judge how much they controlled your week’s actions. Did they come true or were you able to take steps to protect yourself since you knew what to watch out for? If you can acknowledge and accept certain limitations then you can also figure out how to get around them.

We have been taught to set five year plans and create big fat hairy goals but this is not effective right now. Instead, get into the habit of planning for the next week or even the next day.

Write down what you want and your thoughts about what might happen. As time passes, take the actions needed to have good outcomes. When the due date arrives, evaluate how you did. Repeat the process with any changes necessary to better achieve your intentions.

The process is a circle. Learning to identify, evaluate and modify is the most effective way to get what you want and what you don’t want to get too.

This is something for which you can take full control so take it. Stop waiting for a better time. This is your life. Choose something now and go for it.