Easy challenge for the next 24 hours.

Choose a movie from your favourites tell your friends all over the world to watch with you.

Different streaming apps will let you watch at the same time but you can also just start at the same time too. Open up a chat so you can keep in contact during the film.

Note that if you can get many people to watch at the same time, then agree before hand if there will be any arranged pauses during the film 😉

This is a simple idea but it does bring back the times before the streaming services existed. I have very fond memories of watching Friends on Thursdays, ordering a zillion pizzas and being absolutely crammed into the TV room at my university residence. Being together to share the experience was a weekly treat for me.

Now things have changed but the bonding can be replicated. Choose a film (or series), get some food, get some friends, and share a moment together.